Our Story

On March 1st, 1934, four months after prohibition, Irish immigrants John and Ann McGinley first opened the doors to the Golden Ace Inn.  Almost 80 years later many things have changed. The surrounding neighborhood has deteriorated, the trolleys no longer rumble down Washington Street and most of the nearby factories have closed.  But inside these walls, not much has changed at all.

We’re still proud of our Irish heritage, still proudly displaying our World War II “V” for victory sign above the back bar, still serving those delicious cheeseburgers and still owned and operated by the McGinley family.

On the Menu


So, you think you’ve had the best cheeseburger? Well, we’ve got news for you, lad. If you haven’t had a Golden Ace Inn cheeseburger – out of our years-seasoned iron skillet…you haven’t had the best cheeseburger quite yet. Check out our full menu.

Upcoming Events

Since 1934, the Golden Ace Inn has presented authentic Irish music from authentic Irish bands. Featuring Ireland’s own Mossy Moran, Saturday, January 24th! What’s more, we continue to offer Irish sessions every Tuesday evening and bluegrass jam sessions on two Thursday evenings a month…See all of our events here.