2021 McGinleys’ Golden Ace St. Patrick’s Celebration

Ace St. Patrick's schedule

On Saturday March 13th & Wednesday March 17th McGinleys’ Golden Ace Inn will be hosting our 88th St. Patrick’s Celebration!  Both days the Ace will feature live Irish music with FOUR groups performing, both days the Ace will be cooking our delicious cheeseburgers & corned beef sandwiches and yes, both days the Ace will be celebrating inside & outside. 

Now, for the changes.  There is no tent…however, we’re hoping that spreading the celebration over two days will allow many to attend.  Plus, we will still have an outside area, albeit MUCH SMALLER than our usual area, weather permitting.  There are no bands from Ireland this year…however, we now have a chance to showcase some terrific local talent!  And of course, there will be pandemic social distancing guidelines that we must all adhere to…however, that’s a small price to pay to continue the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day at the Golden Ace!

Doors will open at noon on March 13th and 10am on March 17th.   Cash only.  

First come, first served.